Dating Safety

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Dating Safety

Thanks for checking out the U4ME safety page. It’s really important to us that you enjoy your dating experiences and this means being safe at all times. Whilst we require our members to sign up for an account with us, we don’t conduct any further checks on members, so ensuring you remain safe at all times is an important responsibility that you take on when you use our services.

There are two important elements to staying safe when online dating – the first is steering clear of scams and the second is staying physically safe when on dates. There is a lot of advice on the internet giving you tips for being safe when online dating and we highly recommend that you inform yourself by doing a google search. We’ve gathered together some of the advice for you here.

First and foremost though we want to stress that safety is your responsibility. It is essential that you consider the possibility of something going wrong and take action to prevent this from happening and have a plan in place for if it does.


Scams come in all shapes and sizes, for example identity theft, viruses and webcam blackmail. Our top tips to keep yourself out of trouble are:

• Don’t include too much personal information in your profile. Use your first name only and don’t give out details like your birthdate or mother’s maiden name.
• Keep an eye out for ‘red flags’ with the people you are chatting to – people who say they love you after only a few online chats, people who ask you for things like money or to borrow your car or stay with you, people who ask you to help them move money around, or people who ask you heaps of personal questions. There is no reason and no sob story sad enough that should ever result in you giving money to someone you have met through an online dating website.
• Stick to the in website chat function.
• Never ever give your financial information to anyone online – this tip applies more broadly than just online dating!
• Research the person you are speaking to – see if you can find them on Facebook, Linked In or other social media sites. They may be cautious with their personal info too so this may be difficult, but you never know what you may find.
• Don’t open email attachments from someone you have just met online.

Physical safety

Keeping yourself physically safe when you first start dating someone can be simple, but you should never underestimate its importance. We recommend you use the following tips:
• Use our in-website chat function to get to know prospective dates before you agree to meet up or share any personal information. We don’t recommend that you give out your email address or any other contact details until you are sure you can trust the person you are speaking to.
• Set up your dates in public locations at a busy time of day
• Make your own way to and from your date – you don’t want someone you met knowing where you live in the early stages. It may be even better to ask a friend or family member to drop you off and pick you up so that they know very quickly if something isn’t right.
• Tell a friend or family member that you are going on the date and the logistical details. It is also a good idea to tell the friend as much as you know about your date including their name and contact details and have an agreed time that you will call your friend after the date so they know you are home and safe.
• Don’t forget that photos are searchable – so if you don’t want a prospective date to be able to find your social media accounts by using your U4ME profile picture, take a new one just for using here.
• Avoid alcohol or drugs whilst on a date – you want to be thinking clearly in case things don’t go well.

We take safety very seriously here at U4ME. If you have any concerns about someone you have met on our website please report the person – we look into all complaints and will delete users if we deem this necessary. To report a user, head to the Contact Us page. Remember that you are responsible for your safety at all times and it is important to remain vigilant when online dating.

Don’t forget, if you feel at all unsafe whilst on a date, the police are there to help you. A call to 000 may be the smartest thing you can do.